Wawacan: Sebuah Genre Sastra Sunda (Wawacan: A Genre of Sundanese Literature)

Title: Wawacan: Sebuah Genre Sastra Sunda
(Wawacan: A Genre of Sundanese Literature)
Author: Ruhaliah
ISBN: 978-979-419-486-7
Publisher: PT Dunia Pustaka Jaya
Published in 2018
Pages: 280

Kairaga.com – This book contains a study of the intricacies of the Sundanese literary genre called wawacan. From the author’s introduction it is known that book writing began in 2001. Then the material was added from year to year as material for lectures on Philology and History of Old Sundanese Literature in the Department of Sundanese Language Education, FPBS UPI, Bandung.

The structure of the contents of this book consists of Chapter 1 Introduction, contains the definition of wawacan, the development of wawacan, the form of wawacan essays, the language of wawacan, the function of the text and the function of the text. In Chapter 2 explained the wawacan classification, starting from the classification based on the source of writing, material, language, script, text content and based on the character’s character. Chapter 3 contains information on the inventory of wawacan manuscripts that have been carried out from year to year contained in various published manuscript catalogs.

Chapter 4 contains an explanation of the wawacan colophon, between the identity of the writer or copyist, the origin of writing or copying, the source of writing wawacan, the reasons and objectives of writing, tattoo, apologies, asking permission, and so on. In chapter 5 a number of wawacan publications and research have been carried out. While in chapter 6, it is explained in more detail about the types of characters used in wawacan texts, including Cacarakan and Pegon. Finally, in chapter 7, a summary of 18 wawacan titles that have been translated and studied includes Wawacan Prabu Rara, Wawacan Samaun, Rawi Mulud (Prophet Medal, Carios Abdullah), Wawacan Ahmad Muhamad, Wawacan Séh Abdul Kodir Jaélani and Ogin Amar Sakti.

In this book also presented various researches related to wawacan, both theses, theses, dissertations and documentation of data in a number of microfilms. The aim is so that students can find out various researches on wawacan that have been done and there is no repetition. In addition, it can be seen also the interest of academics towards Wawacan.

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