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Nusantara Manuscript Collection Service of National Library of Indonesia

Kairaga.com – One of the library collection groups owned by the National Library of Indonesia, namely manuscripts or ancient manuscripts. The ancient manuscripts stored can be accessed by the general public for free, provided that they have become members of the Indonesian National Library. The procedure is easy and free of charge. In September, I […]

Wawacan: Sebuah Genre Sastra Sunda (Wawacan: A Genre of Sundanese Literature)

Title: Wawacan: Sebuah Genre Sastra Sunda (Wawacan: A Genre of Sundanese Literature) Author: Ruhaliah ISBN: 978-979-419-486-7 Publisher: PT Dunia Pustaka Jaya Published in 2018 Pages: 280 Kairaga.com – This book contains a study of the intricacies of the Sundanese literary genre called wawacan. From the author’s introduction it is known that book writing began in […]

Workshop of Writing Old Sundanese Palmleave Manuscript, in 4th Nusantara Manuscript Festival

Kairaga.com – The tradition of writing and copying Sundanese lontar manuscripts is known to exist from dozens of ancient texts stored in the National Library, Kabuyutan Ciburuy and several institutions abroad. Research on ancient Sundanese manuscripts has been carried out since the 1870s, both by foreign scholars and scholars from Indonesia. Until now research continues […]

Gebang Manuscripts with Buda-Gunung script

Kairaga.com – Do you know? that besides ancient manuscripts written on the palm leave material called lontar (ron tal), there are also ancient manuscripts written on gebang leaves. These gebang (Borassus flabellifer) leaf manuscripts were formerly considered as nipah (nipa fruticans). This information update was revealed by Aditia Gunawan in the article “Nipah or Gebang: […]

Get to Know More About “Sakola Aksara Sunda Cianjur”

By: Siti Aisah Kairaga.com – Along with the increasing number of Sundanese people who know Sundanese script, the Facebook group that discusses about this script is also increasing. Facebook groups are only part of the efforts of Sundanese script activists to introduce this script to the general public. Sundanese scripts that are used as local […]