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Gebang Manuscripts with Buda-Gunung script

Kairaga.com – Do you know? that besides ancient manuscripts written on the palm leave material called lontar (ron tal), there are also ancient manuscripts written on gebang leaves. These gebang (Borassus flabellifer) leaf manuscripts were formerly considered as nipah (nipa fruticans). This information update was revealed by Aditia Gunawan in the article “Nipah or Gebang: […]

Nipah or Gebang? A Philological and Codicological Study Based on Sources from West Java

Aditia Gunawan Abstract This article takes up the question of writing supports, the physical media on which texts were recorded on the island of Java before paper and printing were introduced, with special focus on the western region and the Old Sundanese tradition. In the past, two types of indigenous writing materials prepared from the […]